The world has changed!
Have you changed how you market your practice and connect with your patients?

NOW is the time!

Get seen and heard in this noisy world...
Because if you don't, someone else will!

Cindy Ashton, Messaging and Presentation Strategist and Christina Daves, Publicity Strategist, have successfully trained 1000's of people on
messaging, branding, and media.

Specifically, Their Healthcare Clients: 

See new patients coming to them,
Have existing patients scheduling regular appointments, and
Make an impact in the community as medical experts in the media.

Are YOU next?

Meet Cindy and Christina

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 "I had five phone calls from potential clients 
from the time I left the television studio (after the live segment aired) until I got back to the office." 

Antrina Curry, RN
Founder, Caring Hearts with Healing Hands Home Care

Work with Cindy and Christina:

“I was inspired to implement several of the media tips  shared during the course. The tactics I learned have resulted in publicity (including this segment on Dr. Oz). This is worth your time and money if you believe media exposure is of value to your business.”

Kay Bransford
Founder, MemoryBanc