Client Reviews

"I got 5 calls from people wanting to hire me before I even got back to the office after my television appearance on Coast Live where I talked about Caregiver Burnout on National Caregiver Day."

Caring Hearts With Healing Home Care

"This toolkit is exactly what doctors need right now. Connecting with patients on video is massively different than in-person visits. Cindy’s warm-up exercises are amazing at getting relaxed and being able to listen, even across a screen – especially with all the stress we are under financially and with Covid-19. I love how Christina showed me how simple it is to create newsletters to existing patients to let them know I am still here and giving us the exact copy to let our patients know that we are available for telemedicine visits. I finally feel like I am no longer falling  behind the competition." 

OBGYN, Keynote Speaker & Coach

“With the help from Christina Daves, I landed my first column today!! Her encouragement and enthusiasm moved me from writing my own personal blog on my own website to landing a column in a magazine! She not only suggested the right media outlets, but provided specific guidance on how and when to make the pitches. While the idea of PR is still overwhelming to me, Christina has outlined clear/easy steps for me to take; which is exactly what I need to make my dreams become reality.” 

Behavior & Beyond

 "As a breast surgeon, I give many talks regarding breast cancer. My reviews have always been good so I was quite skeptical when my Dad told me I should work with a coach.  Wow…what a difference after just one session with Cindy! I was not aware of the subtle things I had been doing that rendered my presentations less effective. Working with Cindy has been tremendously helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time  with her. She has a magical way of getting you incorporate new skills in record time." 

Medical Director, Comprehensive Breast Program at Jupiter Medical Center

 "What I really appreciate about Cindy and Christina in their program was how I can adjust from in-person client-centered work to online Telehealth work. And how I present myself in a way that is comfortable with the client and that they feel seen and understood. I also appreciated the messaging I could give about the services I provide to my clients and how they can get the best out of me without being in the office. I really loved the templates that were given to write newsletters and to keep in contact with my patients so they could always have a touch point with me and they didn’t feel like they were surviving on their own. The other thing that was really great was how they stressed my self-care as a healthcare provider and to make sure that I was fully looking after myself in a way that I could show up fully for my patients." 

Marriage and Family Therapist

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